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We're Halfway Through Summer!

We're Halfway Through Summer!
Sunglasses, Sandles, and towel on beach

June 25th marks the middle of Summer Break, and we hope that all of our students are having a wonderful summer enjoying the time off, and fun activities with their families.

Although our administrators, educators, and staff have all been quite busy preparing for the coming school year, we also can't help but notice how quiet it has become without our students: Silent are the whistles from the field. Our campus intercom no longer blasts morning announcements. And, most importantly, students no longer walk our hallways with chatter and infectious laughter.

We hope that you are as anxious to begin the new school year as we are - we look forward to again hearing all the sounds that make our school so special! 

Mark your calendars for August 5th, when we welcome you back (and get some new students too!) on the first day of school!