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Health & Wellness

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An Overview of Health Services

An Overview of Health Services

Mission: The Marana Unified School District Health Services, in collaboration with parents, medical community, and staff will promote wellness and safety for all students.

  • Health Services offices are established at each school site to keep all students in school by removing health barriers thereby freeing the path to academic and personal excellence.
  • Health offices at each site promote the health of students through health education, disease prevention and monitoring, referrals for health care intervention, and facilitation of staff training. 

Health services staffing: Registered nurses and health assistants work as a team in providing health care to all students.

Health Assistants provide:
Emergency care for students who become sick or injured while attending school.

  • Provide information for students returning to school following an accident, illness, or hospitalization. 
  • Serve as liaisons for staff, parents, and nurse.
  • Administer medications, provide daily first-aid care, maintain immunization records, and provide health care resources. 

Nurses and Facilitators provide:
A direct link between physicians, families, and community health care for all students

  • Consultation, instruction, counseling, and guidance to students, health assistants, staff, and parents.
  • Individual and Emergency Health Plans.
  • Health instruction and training for staff.
  • Health intervention, management and/or medical referrals.
  • Assessments and written health care instructions for students with IEP or 504 plans.
  • Health Assistant guidance for monitoring immunization compliance.
  • Information related to the most current Arizona/Federal laws, professional standards, and district policies & procedures pertaining to student health. 
  • Medical guidance for health assistants.


Daily Medical Care

  • Asthma
  • Cardiac
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies with anaphylaxis
  • Seizures
  • Fractures
  • Other conditions 

Vision and Hearing Screening

  • Specified grades
  • New to district
  • Special education
  • Per parent or staff concern
  • Vision assistance for uninsured student


  • Students returning to school after treatment of an injury or hospitalization
  • Safety evaluation
  • Assessment for crutches, wheelchair, cast, braces, and other medical equipment
  • Liaison with medical providers

Medication Management

  • Daily administration and monitoring for proper dosage, administration time and potential reactions
  • Immunization

Compliance monitoring

  • Resource information and referral

Health & Wellness Guidelines

Health & Wellness News

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